The future of iv

now that we can get mew, we all aware we can capture it just one time, i had a theory that since it not grantee to get mew at 100 % iv ,we may in future can upgrade the iv of pokemons maybe via items at raids who knows, trainer tip nick even suggested that idea you think there is chance we may get it in future ?.also below there is a vote if you favor upgrade items of iv or no.

do you favor iv upgrade items or no ?

  • 1)yes it can be awsome
  • 2)no i am against it

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I would actually support this but only if they were extremely difficult to obtain. In our area there is a major use of trackers and I think this could help with that to some extent (I’m not a fan of it). However I said I’m against it because my fear with Niantic is that they would make it way too easy so that everyone can do it. I’m all for everyone having equal opportunities, but if the item is widespread IVs will basically become irrelevant and legitimate 100% Pokémon won’t feel as special.

your 100 % right altough it can be awsome if they wont make it way too much hard but ye it gota have challange reflected by it value. 100 % you right at it.

you know they can do it beside items a system function like pokemon iv lvl power up via amount of battle wins with xp the pokemon gain too .like based on the normal pokemon where pokemons gained xp

I’m aware that it doesn’t have to be an item, I just used it as an example because that’s the way it used to in the core games where gold bottle caps work to the same effect. My point is, 100% Pokémon should be difficult to obtain and at least for me will lose their value if they’re easy to get.

Would be great but again, it wouldn’t have to be through items. Also items could be introduced as store exclusives which would suck it the game became p2w

Check this thread out. Also Niantic would have to acknowledge the #/#/# stats in game, something they have shied away from in the past with appraisal.

I like the idea though.

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i think as much as niantic would love to avoid it, the fact they realeased mew with not 100 % iv at defualt, they opened the box of pandora so to speak and it just seems for me atleast the iv train or incrase by item is now unavoidable, even if they want to if they want to avoid they will turn all mew by default to 100 % iv, so we wont have good reason to ask for iv incrase for a pokemon who can be cought only one time.for all other pokemons we got common answer just grind for perfect iv,but mew is one time capture so cant grind.

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