The forum gives an incorrect error message

The forum gives an error message saying this:

But the size of the picture is lower. It’s 1,19mb:

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Had that alot aswell. Only on mobile. Exact same file sent from PC is ok. No idea why…

it Is on mobile, not tried pc. But if i cut just a little of with an app the pic shrinks a lot. But don’t know what the issue is, but it is just a smal code error I think.

I thought for the computer that the max size was 1024 KB. I always shrink mine down to below that threshold because of that.

That was correct. But a simple screenshot nowdays is bigger. They changed the text. Most likely the limit was raist for pc’s, but some code error prevents the mobile user to profit.

Did not yet test if the pc limit is changed.

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This happen med to me from time to time as well, even after I crop my screenshot to smaller size

I can’t upload any pictures other than screenshots. Any regular pictures it tells me the file is too big.