The Community used Toxic; It’s Super-effective | Pokemon GO Hub

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I was kinda expecting that post to go somewhere. A point or a punchline or a nice “kiss and makeup” story. Felt kinda pointless. Could be just me…


I feel fortunate that I have a great local POGO community. We were just discussing the other day about doing a get together. I’ve had a few local players call me a bully because I always take thier gyms, but I’ve gone out of my way to help those players also. The one gym that I can see from my house, I usually let them keep it until next day so they get thier coins, and then I message them when thier color has it and I don’t plan on taking it until next day. And then they all like when my son shows up to do Raids. I guess because he is only one there that is in Target age for this game. But community Days are usually really fun. I’m glad next one is on my day off.


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