The 3 Regis as gymdefenders

I know you can’t put them as gym defenders as they are legendary, but I have been wondering for some time about, what if you could?

Would they find their place as strong gym defenders, as they currently pretty much now only serve as Pokédesk fillers.

Mostly I’ve been wondering compared to other Pokémon if they were to be the only legendaries you could put in as gym defenders how strong would they be then, If you compared them to for example Chansey or Blissey.
I haven’t been thinking about what if all legendaries could be put in as gym defenders, how they would perform then (I suspect they wouldn’t be the strongest option), but I’m sure that could also be something to speculate about.

What do you all think?

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Registeel would be bad, but i think regice and regirock wouldn’t be that bad


Regice-Lugia-Blissey-Snorlax-Giratina-Cresselia would become the new meta


Seeing those 6 defending a gym would be a terrifying sight.


Well Registeel doesn’t have the attack power of the other 2, and it falls a little bit shorter on defense as well.
But on the other hand it has lower max CP and lower max CP means slower motivation decay. So if it’s the right gym, it might be decent at least.


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