That Damn Music

How about - the game remembers that you DON’T WANT THAT DAGGY MUSIC BLARING OUT. Every time I log in I have to turn the thing off. It’s not nice music…it’s musak, similiar to that found in elevators. Just plain ANNOYING and totally UNNECESSARY.

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I’ve set it out because it’s very annoying.
Why do you log out everytime?

multiple devices

That’s a problem indeed. Unfortunately you can’t fix it. You must turn it off everytime.

Maybe an idea for in the future for Niantic.

Well… Stop letting other people catch pokemon for you and stop having them place you in gyms while your at work/school/sleep. Just keep your account on your own phone and you wont have the “problem”.

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I thought the same, but then I thought: “I let it go”. :sweat_smile:

no-one else uses my account - it’s my gmail. locally I use an ipad, but if I’m going longer distances I use my iphone. Not dragging a huge pad with a useless battery around with me.

iPad isn’t very good I use it for Pokémon go at home and I have trouble throwing the balls at far away Pokémon’s or impossible to hit moltres or crobat

??? Just don’t log out then

That moment you open up Pokemon Go, that music plays at FULL volume (blasting). I hate when that happens, even at public

Imagine that you at home and than the music blasted and got frightened :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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