{Test Post, please Ignore.} Kanto shinies?

Gohub posted a post (News) called Test Post, Please Ignore, I saw a picture of Kanto Shinies, does this have something to do with the Kanto related Event starting April 10th?

Nothing has been confirmed yet.

Based on recent events it is being widely assumed that a large volume of shinies are going to be released with the event

It’s probably for belated April Fool’s…Or just a hacker’s screenshot.

The screenshot is posted by ZeChrales, so that probably does not happen.


For those who haven’t read it, this is the screenshot @Minismurfen3 was talking about:

The kanto shinys are coming!

Shame not all of them.

I only don’t know what happens if you evolve a shiny Charmeleon. Anybody here with thoughts?

I don’t think this is real I have not found nothing to confirm any of this

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But ZeChrales did, and you are not a data miner, are you?

Then why is there no post no wears I hope he’s right

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May come later, like the Gen 3 ghosts.

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