Temporary pokestops

Maybe something we could buy. Would help rural players especially during community days .

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This would probably give Niantic incredible backlash for making the game pay2win and being more of a cashgrab…

I rather wait for POI submission instead.


thgis ideas has been mentioned several times in slightly different forms.

I like the idea. Portable temporary pokestops…
This would solves some issues with rurals and even help urban players.

That said, i agree with @Robdebobrob and @Jormdeworm
The game would become p2w. POI submission system should be coming (Go Fest please?!)

Also, Urban players would benefit the most of it, missing your goal, unless you confine it to rules like ‚Äėno stops for [x] kilometers‚Äô, but then you‚Äôll be hurting rurals aswell.

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