[TEAM] Team Instinct

Since the other Team Instinct chat has been deleted,this is the new one!


Oh hello fellow yellow players! Does my profile picture say enough? :grin:



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Why did you guys choose Instinct? I did so because Zapdos is the only non-trash legendary birb


I like Zapdos a lot but I have either chosen Instinct because the other teams are bigger.

Also my city is split in 3 areas, the Instinct Area, the Valor Area & the Mystic Area.
I come the most in the Instinct Area, so Instinct was just the best choice for me.

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I chose team yellow because I like the colour lol. This game was my first pokemon game so I chose based on the coolest symbol also.


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Why did we choose Team Instinct, you ask?

(Partly tongue in cheek) Had there been a Team Reason, I probably would have picked that. But since I didn’t feel any mystical inspiration, and I couldn’t claim to have much courage or valor, that left only one choice.

In all candor, I was curious to see what a gym looked like inside back when I was still only level 3. When asked which team I belonged to, I figured I’d be asked to pick for real when I reached level 5, so I made a semi-random choice. I guess you might say I picked instinctively… And in hindsight I’m glad I did.

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Instinct is the smallest where I live, but doesn’t bothered me at all.

And a version for on your phone: https://i.redd.it/yb5n2poonhdx.png

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I’m team instinct because my family also team instinct

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The question is flawed. Instinctively we all knew there is no choice.

One needs to wonder what was it that blinded so many and how best we can demonstrate the error of their choices.

Truth is red and blue are just so dull, they have never, nor will ever shine like yellow.


Anyways…i am going back into magic the gathering card game. It way better than yugioh. Edh/commander here i come. Spending alot of money but worth having a foil deck an sleeved an have edh deck box. For 400 dollars. Selena colors. Grenn/white elf token destruction ramp deck.

In the mail it will be here at august 9th. Gonna be fun joining my old friends again.

My city has only one park fully controlled by team Instinct, but I’m very proud of it! Picked the yellow team because Zapdos was my favorite among the birds…he has such a badass face. And Electric is my second favorite type (first being Metal)
Sure, back at the release day, I had no idea the other 2 teams would grow so big, but I wouldn’t change by any means.

I had no connection with the earlier games or the anime, so Pokemon Go was my first exposure. I chose Instinct because the description of the team ideals sounded most interesting.

I’m quite happy with the choice and we have a local community for raids and community days that welcomes all.

Zapdos is better. More speed and better att.

Ehhh RU? Zapdos is solid OU 90% of the time

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I read about new news…they are in development for pvp mode. In pokemon. A pvp mode. Not just walk up see someone an duel. No its a mode to pvp differently. But me i will not be in that mode. I dont play pvp. Its not worth it plus im not competitive to play any pvp. Now if it is you can walk up to a pokemon go player an see if you can duel them. Then ill reject everytime. Im not pvp fan just pokemon catcher. If so, they should only allow lvl 40 ppl do that. Bc they be bored they got all pokemon they have plus done with researches. So yeah. Reach lvl 40 to play pvp but dout they will make that restriction. >.>

Ill just walk around, hatch eggs, catch pokemon, lvl up, an etc. You know casual stuff. So again wont be participating any pvp or future tournies they will have.

All im looking forward to is the new pokemon comming out this year. New regions.

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What do we expect from Pokemon GO PvP mode:

  1. Limited to local PvP battles, using the same limitations as trading

  2. You’ll use a team of six Pokemon, as you use for every other battle in the game

  3. Both players will be able to dodge and attack, making this more like Gym battles than raids

  4. Could be tied to the Friendship system (or a rivalry system?)

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