Team Rocket - Let's name Team GO Rocket Grunts! 🚀

Soon, we are going to meet the new Team GO Rocket members whose photos Professor Willow found in a corrupted file on his computer. We already know their names: Cliff, Arlo and Sierra.

But what about our pink-haired acquaintances Team GO Rocket Grunts? We still don’t know their names. Let’s give them names. In the anime, we have Jessie and James, Butch and Cassidy - all famous cowboy and outlaw names from the Wild West. What should we call our Team GO Rocket duo?

Grunt and Grunt, as always

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They must have their real names. Since we don’t know, we can name them. Any ideas?

Then you want to assign two names to hundreds of grunts, boi

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No, just those two.

I always call them Jesse and James, Jr. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I can’t read any of the posts on that background.

Yeah, I have to scroll it down to a spot where I can see it on my computer.

I asked @Thorend to fix it.

But the grunts that overtake stops arent the same two guys, they are simply grunts like in every single Pokémon game - there are hundreds of these

They look the same to me. We can have some generic names for them instead of just Grunts. For example: Jack and Jill.

Ok, now that I can read it.
My picks for name would be Rebecca and Kevin.

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Pat and Garrett

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Cal (short for Calamity) and Jane. :couple: :rocket:

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Any new suggestions? I’ll make a poll in the end with all the names. The winning names will be used in this forum to refer to Team GO Rocket grunts in Pokemon GO.

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