Talk about your captures and what-not here

I’m so happy! Today, I caught an Eevee and a Vulpix! I have not had any luck before recently. For one thing, I was not playing it much at all lately due to the recent inclement weather. I now have a total of 9 Vulpixes - Which is ideal. 2 more candies and then I will have enough to evolve one of them into Ninetales. I now have 10 Eevee candies. I need 15 more to have Flareon. I tried naming my 9th Vulpix “Buttercup”, but it told me that the letters were inappropriate - Likely because it had “Butt” in it. I decided to name her “Lady” instead.

I haven’t been playing as much since Sword and Shield came out, but I did go and nab a couple of Terrakions during raid hour yesterday. :smiley:

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I am thinking about naming my next Vulpix “Bijou” if it’s another girl. The next time I get a rare male Vulpix, I will name him “Lucky”.

I evolved one of my 9 Vulpixes into a Ninetales today!

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