Tagging Moderators or Harrassing Posters

I am going to officiallly ask that our regular members sto tagging moderators when someone creates a new post in this category with their trainer code instead of using the Megathread.

The moderator team is comprised of regular users. We see the posts, we move the posts. It makes it more difficult you reply with an @ moderators tag in a separate thread.

There is also no need to reply to the new posters if the purpose of your post is to do anything except welcome them. This is their first contact with forum users so let’s make a good first impression. Do NOT harass them about not putting their trainer codes in the wrong section.


Is it an idea to move the Friendship and trading category to the top? Just to increase the change that new visitors find the thread right away.

Because when I come to the forum, it’s the 3th category. Logged in or not, I see this on my phone:


People are generally posting in the right category, just not in the thread. We get 20 to 1 people posting right now, and we move the threads that are in the wrong spot.

The purpose of this post was so I stop getting emails about something as inconsequential as posting Friend codes. There have been times when we need to be tagged, but seeing how active we are it is not necessary to do so for this minor issue.

Also general chat gets much more traffic, especially these days I don’t feel it prudent to reorganize things. When it was first released it would have made sense to do it not so much anymore.