Syncing Tips/Tricks

Just a quick trick here if you sync steps from Adventure Sync, which I have found works. I’m using an iOS device on the latest versions (iOS 13.3 and PoGo 0.163.4-A)

When you walk throughout the day with Pokémon Go closed, your steps are counted in Apple Health. This data is then brought into PoGo usually when you then open the app. But it isn’t instant. There is a window of opportunity here to get a bit of extra stuff.

With the new buddy system, as soon as I get home from work I open PoGo and give my buddy his treats.
I will then check to make sure all incubators are in use, if not I will use them up.

When the apps are then synced up, you will find that your buddy walking hearts are filling up as well as eggs starting to have distance on there (from when you’ve already been walking that day).

I’ve been doing this for a while now and am hoping others can use this too.


Hi, thanks for sharing your tip I find it uninteresting.

Cool story, bro

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That was rude


That’s an excellent tip @HoddzDJ
Ignore the the person trying to be funny or trolling.
Don’t let that stop you from sharing great info like that.

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