Swinub CD Infographic



I was blown away by the fact we can get TEN Sinnoh Stones. That’s about all I’ll ever need! I’ll have extra!


10? I though it was 5 guaranteed on the day itself, and then 5 battles with a chance at the stones on the other 2 days of the weekend…

Also, too bad Ancient Power is gonna be its exclusive move. Wont waste a good IV on that (unless i get ALOT of them). Oh well, really takes of the presure if you dont have to stress about trading and then evolving 1 hour after CD.

Ah ingame announcement says 10. Thats pretty cool. I really didnt gather that from the earlier announcements OR Niantics twitter support account…

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I feel the same. I won’t be evolving my perfect Piloswine until after the entire event ends, but a Shiny I’ll get will get Ancient Power since I don’t give a crap about it so much since the odds of me getting a perfect Shiny are exceedingly low.