Suspicious search options

Hey everyone, I just created an account to talk about some stuff that just happened, to start it out, I found out you can search Pokémon by their pokedex number, then I realized that when you type something that you don’t have “legendary” for example in your Pokémon storage, nothing happens but when you type “mythic” which is what mew and mewtwo are, a scroll bar shows up. I have photos but apparently I can’t put them :joy: I guess just try it for yourself, but this is even more hints towards legendaries!


Yeah, you’re actually right about that glitch! Weird. Maybe we all have mythics…They’ve just been invisible all along…

Mewtwo is a legendary

And instead of ‘Mythic’ it is ‘Mythical’.
But this is a really old topic.

Jebus necro thread 10 months later lol