Survey: Are You Happy With The Birds At The Safari Zone?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Very Annoyed
  • I Don’t Really Mind

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As long as they come back worldwide as I missed out


Someone On My Discord Just Sent This, I know it swears

Im annoyed since Niantic is continuing to massively reward people who either lived on big city or had money and time to travel there with super OP things, which is well, you know it. For me they should make worldwide live-event but in pretty much everywhere, where YOU can host some sort of small live-event with all of those things, you would just need special permission from niantic. Those events really sucks.


Can Someone Give a RIP to me? I Told My Friend To Get Me A Lugia After Thw Old One Got Transferred…This Happened

Thx for reminding me the legendary birds and Lugia are only available in Safari Zones. The return of them are rewards to the most money-spending countries/regions. Throw back to all the regional events held in the past, they were mainly held in countries like Japan and US, followed by Safari Zone event in Europe and that’s all for regional events. Players in Africa, Australia and Asia couldn’t benefit from the events. You’re right, regional events are not fair to all players. It would be better for Niantic to show their concern on isolated regions. The solution is worldwide events.


It Was A System Error By Niantic, Closed The Poll.

Oh Niantic this is such a antipathetic move! :rage: @Thorend it’s you turn now.

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I complained about Niantic doing exclusive events and people told me I was complaining to much on my local facebook group. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one that doesn’t like them.

@Thorend is now the time to close the post?