Surprise ex wave?

Yesterday i recieved an ex raid pass. Today, I receive yet another one for the same day (Wednesday, 13th of June)

Has anyone else got this?

Luckily I will be able to do both ex raids, since my school ends on 15:00 and the first ex raid that day will be at 15:30 and it is less than half an hour biking.


Yeah i heared some reports over whatsapp of it. Havent got 1 for the new either. It seems Niantic made a booboo again with the passes :stuck_out_tongue:

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SOmetimes when you receive two one is a day late that is what my community have found

No, this was a rare occurence and they were simply two different waves
This never happened before since the consecutive waves went live

:joy::joy::joy::joy: if the distance is too long than you need cooldown…And you might miss one raid

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I received another EX Pass today. It’s nice that it is actually after work so it won’t be a huge pain in the butt to make it :slightly_smiling_face:

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I just got a second today

And again, I cant go (-_-)

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A few on my local Discord have seen the same thing.

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Same here. Got no pass on the ‚Äėofficial wave‚Äô but last night 1,5 hour after a Ho-Oh raid that gym got an EX pass, of course on a crappy time.

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I still got none