Summer Trainer Clothes

Summer is coming, and there are little to no clothes for my trainer in the store. I wonder what new clothes will show in the store for the up coming events? Any ideas?

Unless they are free, I won’t be spending Pokecoins on new clothes.

I adore my Harrison Ford “Indiana Jones”-hat and there is no way to take it away of my trainer, hihi

Well, maybe if you give me 100 different 100%-IV mon’s, maybe then I would be able to think about it…

My daughter is wearing the white Global Goals T-shirt and my character is wearing the dark grey T-shirt that I have no idea what the design is. Now that it takes 3 days to earn enough coins to buy an incubator or 4 days to get a bag or storage upgrade, I’m still not going to spend money on clothes. Maybe we’ll get some more free stuff this fall. (Or Spring down south).