Suggestion - F.A.Q for every possible PoGo related topics

Hi everyone!

This thing have come and go in my mind since I have been here in the hub. I know each have their own specific reason why they have come here like 1) They just want to share their code to have some new PoGo friends, 2) They want more info regarding anything about PoGo.

It is through my experience here and those I have seen posting in the forum, that I have concluded it was somewhat challenging to use this forum at first time use, some even posting reply to topics that they can’t even post or create their own topics.

With one thing in mind, if some one comes to this forum in search of info regarding Pokemon Go, then it would be helpful if they can immediately see what they are looking for. With this that I am suggesting to create a topic that will be called F.A.Q. and under a category to be able to compile Questions and their answers (given by forum users) less of course off topic conversations.

Example format would be like this

F.A.Q - Pokemon Evolution

  1. Does a Pokemon that has a weather bonus in its moveset will retain it when they are evolved?

User 1 reply - straight and specific, further explanation will help if needed

User 2 could still reply if there is more useful info to be added

  1. New Question

With this, we as community will have a growing compilations of questions with answers that will be easy to search and will help especially those who are new and still not acquainted with how this forum works. I have only been a few months in here but I have learn a lot from the helpful folks in here about PoGo and that is what makes me stay here besides the good vibes and the continuous updates of the Main Website like news, guides, etc.

I hope our moderators here will be okay with this idea. Anyone could Start the F.A.Q.s within appropriate categories, or better if the mods would create a dedicated category for the FAQs :grin:

Thanks and more power to the hub!


Did you ever get your answers

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