Suddenly, I cannot sign in

I was playing all this morning. Put my phone down for an hour or two, went to play some more and suddenly it makes me sign in again.
“Okay, no worries.” and I try to sign in again.
“Unable to authenticate. Please Try Again.”
I try again, and again, and again.
So I sign in with my Google account and not my Trainer’s Club account. I get in just fine, but oddly it’s an account with no Pokemon and I’m at level 5 instead of 32.What the heck?
I log out. Try again and again and again to no avail.
I delete the app, turn off my phone, turn it back on and re-download the app.
Now, every time I open the app, I have to put my birthdate in, sign in fully, and still -still- get the above “Unable to…” message.

Help would be appreciated, as none of the “Need Help?” suggestions cover this.


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There have been server issues during this event

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I made a notice about this earlier today. The server is back up now.

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