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Stufful Community Day (April 2022) | Pokémon GO Hub

Yay. Community days back to being three hours long. I usually wouldn’t mind, if I didn’t had to spend that full weekend on organising a week long event with others.

Luckily I got someone to play the event for me. Let’s hope for the best

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I hope to have that day off–asked for it back in February–but I’m pleasantly surprised by the choice. Did NOT expect Stufful at all.

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I’m on duty about 3/4 of most weekends, and the 6-hour CD format gave enough flexibility to play a few hours of most CDs. The 3-hour format tends to overlap only about 10 or 15 minutes with my free time. So I’m NOT psyched for the event changes.

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Honestly, this was a bad CD to have a three-hour time limit for. Stufful requires 400 candy to evolve, so having that, combined with the reduced incense spawn rates and where you are playing, you are, like Sans says, in for a bad time.


Event has the most horrible time frame, half into the day.

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