Strange symbol by a single friend's picture

This past week, I noticed something by a friend’s picture, and no other friends had this. But for this friend, there was a little purple circle with three lightning bolts in it. It was pretty small and just on the edge of the picture when I looked at him in my friend’s list.

There is nothing special about this friend. In fact, I rarely interact with him. I probably hadn’t done a trade in several weeks with him.

Has anyone seen this and does anyone know what it is supposed to mean? I did notice that after I traded with him the symbol went away and none of my friends have the symbol now.

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Is this what you are posting about?

I reckon so. The symbol on the left means that friend had a Pokémon Mega Evolved at the time that symbol was there.

Ah yes, that was the symbol. Thanks for the explanation.

And in this context (just beneath the charge-move button)?

It vanished as soon as the teammate’s Mega-Gengar fainted. But the symbol wasn’t there at all when the friend raided with a Mega-Houndoom, instead.

So it’s not clear to me what it could be signifying when on the raid screen

It means that your Pokemon’s ghost-type attack is boosted because Mega Gengar entered the raid. Mega Pokemon boost the same type attacks.

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Mega Gengar was Boosting attacks for anyone else in the Raid that used a Pokémon that had either Ghost or Poison attacks.
As you were using a Gira with Ghost attacks you got the symbol.
The Symbol disappeared when the Gegar fainted and didn’t t show when someone used a Mega Houndoom as that boosts Fire and Dark. Anyone using Ttar would get the benefit on that one.
Anyone using Darkrai could possibly have benefited from both if they had a combo of both Dark and Ghost.

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Wow, I had no idea about that. Thanks for the explanation, @Branebs and @NotanotherKangaskhan.

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