Story time! [Shiny]

So I was sitting in bed and decided to open up Pokemon Go… Boom Eevee pops up. I tap it, and put my phone down to grab the groceries. My phone has a sleep timer so when I got back it was off. Open it up, AND BOOM SHINY EEVEE LIKE WHAT THE HECK!!!


Missed the 2nd Rayquaza of a raid.
Then, on the way home…
BOOM Shiny Swablu, and I have caught 3 of them and evolved 1.
(Fourtunately, I do have a Rayquaza.)

I traveled across a parking lot and dodged cars, boom, shiny karp!

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Went for a picnic with my grandma on eevee community day. In the car at 12:59 and I’m like oh i should screen record. I turn on the screen recorder. 1 o’clock. Eevee appears. Tap on it. SHINY. FIRST EEVEE WAS SHINY!!!

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Arent you at school o wait arent you taking a vacation

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Yup in de car.

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Oh have fun and when I get out of school you will still be in the car and bye

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Bye lol

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Random Day, 6:00 in the morning…
Open mystery pokemon, BOOM
Shiny Karp

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You still drivin

Went to throw away trash in my fiancé apartment complex, tapped on a growlithe, boom shiny

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On my way 2 skool after Adventure week, :exploding_head: shiny Omanyte.

Sitting on the couch, thinking bout the toilet, :exploding_head: Shiny Bulb

Community day?

Nope, few weeks ago. Randomly clicking Pokemon in a car :exploding_head: a shiny Squirtle.

Wow you are good

Nah, didn’t do Chick or Eevee comm days, so not really.

You skip??

Didn’t want to but had to for travel and homework purposes.