Storage Upgrade For GEN 3

Now maybe this has already been covered before, but i haven’t been able to locate it. Please accept my apologies, if this has already been covered.

So i play quite a lot and transfer a ton of Pokemon everyday, i only keep high IV Pokemon and if i don’t have that Pokemon with a high IV i just keep the next best thing.
My bag storage is 250 and is constantly full, right now i have space for less than 20 new Pokemon and im worried generation 3 Pokemon will cause me a ton of problems.
I don’t and wont pay for bag storage, i have never spent my own money on the game and wont start doing it now. I gym battle and leave my Pokemon where i can if space is available to earn some coins, but to get to 200 coins and then have to buy space is pathetic, i need Poke balls, incubators and max revives most of the time when i actually have enough coins to purchase something. Either i let go of some of my other Pokemon to accommodate space for new ones or just have to grind my way 200 coins to then struggle battling in rural areas.
Is it me or is anyone else experiencing this issue and do you think with gen 3 close to release date will we get a storage upgrade?

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I have the same problem, being near of the maximal storage. But the difference is, that I have space for 1000 mon’s. But the problem isn’t different, I’m at 60 to the top.
So for me a storage upgrades means that Niantic could push the possible top higher, and if I understand you well you would like an overall upgrade of the minimum without passing for the shop.
I can understand this idea, but what effect would it have on all the players which have spend coins?


It’s correct that i am asking for the minimum cap to be increased, how can children who do not have access to funds to buy coins be able to continually catch Pokemon if they’re struggling with the minimal storage cap.
I understand what you’re saying but surely a lot more people are doing exactly what im doing and not purchasing the upgrade. if i start spending money on an upgrade, who knows what i will start spending on my card to improve my overall game play, i don’t want to have to go down that road.
A new generation especially if it’s a big release would put me in a predicament and force me to have to spend my coins on the upgrade, surely with all the releases and Pokemon available to hatch and catch the storage would be increased to help everyone, including anyone that has paid for an increase.

to be fair. it is very possible to get 50 coins per day from the GYM system. with a discount @ gen 3 release i guess the storage upgrade would be 100 coins. means you can get 50 mons upgrade every 2 days. i got 1.1k gold saved up for mon storage upgrades and this is all gold from just battling a bit. im not even a hardcore Gym battler.

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Lots of people apply the same strategy as yourself & refuse to spend $$$ on the game. Couple of things you may want to consider;

  1. $2 is the cost to upgrade. Easy comparison is if you’re a coffee drinker it is about half the cost of an average $4 cup per day. Not really that much (7/11 sells coffee for $1). I’m not saying spend $2 on the game every day, just showing how little it costs.
  2. This is basically a free to play game with the option for people to earn free $$$ in game as @Nephenthos mentioned. Take some gyms down in the local area & put some trash mons in that you’d otherwise delete (pidgey, murkrow, sentret etc) to get the 50 coins. Should take 4 days to earn enough for one upgrade.
  3. Notwithstanding your statement about kids not having access to pay for items (which I understand) - and I’m trying to phrase this diplomatically - the less people that spend $1 on the game, the harder it will become for Niantic to continue to provide us this game in the long term. They potentially already give us free $$$ in game every day so if you want to bag space badly enough then you’ve got to make a decision on if you’re prepared to either;
    a) reprioritise your in game purchases with the coins you earn
    b) pay for it (I’m sure most people can afford $2)
    c) play for it, or
    d) simply go without.
    Again I completely respect the decision to not put $$$ into the game, however to then complain about not being able to obtain something that is essentially free every week doesn’t make too much sense to me.
    **Take this all with a grain of salt, it’s just my opinion :smiley:

I don’t spend actual money in the game but I get my 50 coins a day doing gym battles. So I ask myself, “What do I need more? 3 days to get an egg incubator, or 4 days to get a bag or storage upgrade.” If I’m close to my storage limit on Pokemon, there’s no point in getting another incubator, so i’ll wait an extra day and do a storage upgrade. That way, when I do get enough coins 3 days later and get an incubator, I’ll have room to put it somewhere.


Great reply, my sense of humor can take your opinions and i can understand where you’re coming from.
I don’t have my card details set up on my phone as i just don’t want to start spending because i know i will just freely start buying everything, especially when events start and special items become available.
I will try the gym raids and collect as many revives and potions and see how i go i think, i wont go down the route of spending my actual cash on the game, even though i can afford it, i just choose not too.


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Maybe i need to prioritize more, i just hope with generation 3 the minimum cap is increased for everyone.

I will give it a try and try to see what i can do, i just need to bash those pokestops first to get me those potions and revives, its just hard at times to do more than 5 in my local area

Truth be told I hope they increase it too - I’ve maxed my storage out & have to cull many “amazing” mons weekly to stop it filling up! An extra 500 spots is something I’d happily pay for :laughing:
And yes it is a slippery slope once you buy that first batch of items… :joy:


again people save the coins. it is VERY likely that when the full GEN 3 releases the mon slots upgrade will have a 50% discount.


If they do the 50% off storage upgrade, I would get one every 2 days while it lasts. I’m at 850 storage right now with about 770 monsters saved.

right now im wondering why i didn’t buy before but i put my best attackers in gyms and then i was battling with the not so good ones

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Hihi, maybe you have to rethink your strategy…

I took it, nelly was talking about the old Gym format where the Highest CP was King and you needed to put your biggest and best in Gyms or the razor gangs would shave you out from the bottom spots.

A Pokebank re make for Pogo would be neat little side server, buy the bank option an upgrade per $, gives players that option to store upgrade items an berries ect, and with gen3 around the corner we all could use that little extra perk :wink: Or pouches. That stay in inventory and can be opened holding extra items.

It’s impossible if you are a student that live in a spoofer city and team instant