Starting Game Glitch

When I finally started playing PokemonGO again, I created a new account and started it up on my iPhone XR. Everything was fine, and even the AR+ worked great. But whenever I tried to catch the starting Pokémon—the Charmander, Bulbasaur, OR Squirtle—the poke ball hits the Pokémon’s head before immediately switching to the previous screen of having the choice to pick which pokemon I catch, giving me the notification in red of “This item couldn’t be used at this time. (26)” I have tried deleting and reinstalling the game, signing out, and even waiting for an update to the game. None of these work. Please help!

What account do you use, PTC, Google, Facebook? Have you tried creating another account for testing purposes?


I use my Pokemon trainer account. That’s a good idea, however. I’ll try that.

If you have created a new PTC account, it needs to be set first to be able to play Pokemon Go.

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