Starpiece+CD Stardust Stack?

Hey all, quick question, Community day for me starts in about an hour, Just realized the box i bought didnt come with starpieces, Does the 3x stardust from community day event stack with the 2x stardust from starpieces? Also,This is my first community day so i dont really know what to expect, will the game shut off at 11am and reboot with charmanders everywhere ? or do they spawn instantly at 11? Thanks all for your help!

They’ll spawn instantly for three hours. You don’t need to close the app. You have a chance to get a shiny Charmander. My rate was 1/19. Charmanders everywhere, but I can recommend to go to urban places or stopping centers.
Don’t ask me about the Star Pieces though.


First, yes the starpiece doubles again.
And the other, the game doesn’t shut down. Only you see more spawns of Charmander. Sometimes it needs 3-4 minutes to take effect.


wow thats a prettty high chance of mander being shiny, im use to the og games where its 1/8100 something like that, redonkulous, anyways, this will be my first shiny ever if i find one! i plan to play at city hall with 6 pokestops all near eachother and with lucky egg/stardust/incense

wow so 3x dust x2 a whopping 6x stardust for three hours ? o.o

Star piece is 1.5 not 2 so you’ll get 4.5 x dust.

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As allways the best information comes from the chief. :man_student:


ahhh thats a little more fair, still pretty nice!

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I had 3/56 so that comes down like 1/19.
But don’t forget: It’s MY rate. Not the real rate.

Honestly, you guys.

@rell408 Keep in mind that pokemon spawned BEFORE the start of the event, CAN turn into the event pokemon (charmander). So make sure to only start catching after the start of the event, else you might rob yourself of a shiny or 2. I always restart just to be safe, but i dont think its required no.

Good luck.

good lookin out i will restart at 11am and not catch aything until after

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