Stardust, the real money in PoGo

If you analyse our situation, Stardust is the big problem we have.

There are people which have more than 2 million of Stardust. But…

There’s space up to 1500 mon’s you can store. In my case I have nearly for every different bitch enough candies to max him out.

We have now more than 300 different bitches, and I think you need a medium of 100.000 Stardust to max them out. Multiply, and you need 30 Millions of Stardust to do so… well, resting the evolutions there are not 300 necesaries, but around 100 I think are… so it’s 10 millions. An amount I don’t think to gain in a lot of years, apart that in this time new mons will appear.

What I want to say is, our biggest problem in the game is gaining Stardust.
With a Superincubator we get our eggs faster evolved, the more other players we know, more posibilities to get rare pokemons. The more hours we play, the more bitches we catch, and more candies and stardust we gain.
But there’s never enough Stardust to complete everything you want to do.

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Yes, because you want to max out every single Pokemon, including the babies and preevolutions
Stardust is meant to be conserved and used wisely, not used on Weedles and Nidorans


Quite right, but count the valuable pokemons for raids and Gyms…

Don’t you think you will find easily 40 or 50 really good ones in your pocket? And if you find tomorrow a 100% of one of them? Don’t you would like to switch?

Really good ones? maybe 15

And apart, I’m a collector.

And I would like to find a 100% of all of the and max them all out…

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I don’t believe there ar so little number…
I’ve seen a lot of people with a horde of Rhydons, another filled up with legendaries, Groudons , Mewtwos, etc… the number is higher, counting for different purposes

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Im sorry… Bitches? what? You have your pokemon parading up and down the street for you late at night collecting money for you with sleazy activities?


Hahaha, very good, I have mixed up my spanish with english…
What I wanted to say were bugs (in spanish bicho) and so I used bitch. very bad, indeed.


That is a problem I agree.

Personally I value stardust more than coins. I would gladly replace coins for stardust when defending gyms. Also if you could do that maybe they could set a high stardust cap on it as well. Maybe not set it all free cause it does exist gyms that change color every second month so…

Of course maybe they could introduce more ways to power up your Pokémon without having to use stardust. Maybe for example, using Pokémon for gym and raidbattles.

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I completely disagree, I dont think you should be able to power up too many things without sacrificing hours to just grinding the dust
Besides, events like the May CD make it a lot easier to grind, I have level 39, havent caught too many Pokemon, and I already have 11 maxed out Mons


It’s a very personal way to see the things, @Necrozmadabest, level 39 and 11 maxed out Mons…
and telling us you haven´t caught too many Pokemon.

You have to agree that this is not 100% true. To go up to level 39 you have to make a LOT of XP, and to max out 11 Mons to level 39 you need a LOT of Stardust. And both you can reach only catching a LOT of Mons… :grinning::grinning:

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I mean from the Pokemon collector medal, I have like 10400 caught Pokemon overall
Thats a lot less than many other trainers with lower levels
Less caught Pokemon = less dust
And I could max out 11 from what I have got
Thats my point, even without too much stardust gains I could max them out
And I even have powered up some Gyarados, TTar, and lesser legends

Mmmh, I’m level 35 and have caught 13300, so you have made a lot of Raids? Because the difference in XP between us is very great.
And in this moment I have only 150000 Stardust, and it’s not enough to power up more than… 1 more?
I have only 5 maxed out (to level 37) 100% Mons

But bugs are insects… or errors in codes/games.
Dont you just mean pokemon… Thats the name for the creatures.

Back on topic:
I was typing something out but i forgot where i was gonna go with it… So i deleted it…
Im just gonna list my stats: Level 40, 25 pokemon maxed, 22k caught. Thats relatively low if i look arround at other level 40’s. I just did alot of evolves for XP (4071), and i guess alot of hatches for stardust (1568).

And, @Robdebobrob, don’t you have the feeling that the game would have been more enjoyable for you with a higher outcome of Stardust?
@Necrozmadabest is correct when he says that grinding for to have enough Stardust is an important part of the game, but a little bit more of it would make the thing more smooth…

Ah, and it’s a joke… here in Spain we have a lot of insects, and they appear as the Pokemons every few meter your walking by there…

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Im not sure acutally. Im in a pretty comfortable spot right now. Ive got good teams to counter any legendary that has been released so far, either with pokemon maxed to level 40 or to atleast the damage breakpoint.
Besides that i have a wide variety of pokemon i can use to battle in gyms with. Most are obviously the same as i use in those raids ofcourse.
And then i ive got a good number of defenders ranging from 2500 to 3000 CP i can place in gyms if i wanna keep them.

I dont NEED more stardust, i just want it. If other people would have acces to more stardust, it would probably mean my gym life gets harder haha.

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I have 12 Pokémon that I have powered up to level 40 and I have 2 million stardust without star pieces. The Pokémon I power up are pretty random (Sudowoodo and umbreon to kyogre and blissey) but if I only power up Pokémon I really want to power up then it’s not an issue.


If you guys could buy stardust, would you ?

I would, because I’m a NON-Raids player. I like to do my things alone, and to depend on others is not my way to play. And obviouvly I can’t reach my metas without a way apart to get enough XP and Stardust.

Even better, if Niantic amounts the gain of Stardust in normal playing.