Stardust required for Lucky power up

Did they increased the Stardust cost for powering up a Lucky Pokémon? I just checked all my Lucky Pokémon and they are costing absurd values like this Salamence costing 10.150.000 Stardust!

Is it right? Is it a bug? Because if it isnt a bug, they are almost forcing us to stop playing this game.


It has to be a bug. Submit stat screenshot to Niantic help in the game.


@Thorend Your costs for powering up a Lucky Pokémon are correct?


They are working on it:


Oh. Thank you very much for the info @Autofan1985, you saved me quite a lot of time. :heart_eyes:


It seems like my costs are correct. Sorry you are affected by this bug.

Thanks for hosting the tweet @Autofan1985


Only brandon tan can afford the power ups…hes got like 75 mil

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I havent got that problem…

Or @MrSparkle with his “cute” 50 million lol

Latest update just got released and it solves the problem. There are still many other bugs though.:slightly_smiling_face:

Mine went crazy as soon as I updated to iOS 1.111.0. I’m updating to 1.111.1 right now, so that might change things.

EDIT: Seems to be back to normal for me. Try updating?

ProdigiesNation made a video about someone with more than 100M stardust.

Yeah, I saw that…I think brandon still reigns supreme, because he had already maxed more than like 250 mons before starting to accumulate all of the dust

Yeeey, they really fixed it.

Thanks for the help guys.

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The latest version 0.143.1 fixes some bugs, and introduced new ones… :man_facepalming: