Stardust Blast Event Announced and New Gen 4 Pokémon Live!

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Yessssssss! What are your thoughts?

Any multiplier is welcome (though the 3x multipliers of some past events got me notably more excited).

I’m glad this one includes the upcoming Cyndaquil Three Hours, but bummed that it ends a day before my next EX raid.


I’ve got Star Pieces to Burn atm, amazing how they build up as the extra items when I’m buying Gift Boxes for the Raid Passes.
Going to do a couple hrs on the push bike before work today and tomorrow and Cash in.


Went to the Park close to home and only did 30min there. The place is a Sudowoodo nest atm and there were quite a few of them around between the Ponyta and Cubone saturation. These things are rarely a one ball catch and too many were running on the Go Plus so that was wasted dust.
Packed the bike into the Car and made the trek 30min away to where I’m doing the Community Day. spent 90min there riding around the 3 Ponds before having to go to work. There’s 9 Stops and 3 Gyms which is slightly less than my local. The un lured spawns are not as plentiful as my local either. Still better than having 70-80% of the nesting Pokemon run though.
All up in 2 hours riding around with Pokemon Stink and Star Piece running the whole time I made 106K Dust on the Go Plus. No weather boosting on the Dust either today.

Think I’ll try somewhere else tomorrow and see if I can top that number.


@NotanotherKangaskhan how much atardust do you get daily on adverage???