Stange multiple catch moments

So like if you catch like 2 same cp pokemon

For me I have caught 2 same cp hoppips in a row, and the 3 most recent pokemon i have are 71.11 iv

Two gyarados, same Cp

Groudon and kingler, same cp

All my Chanseys and Blisseys have the same CP

Two meganium with the same cp but completely different IVs, one was caught in the wild, one was evolved to.

Oh yah, i caught 2 cp 666 arons, one was level 21, the other one was 20, And if i could depower up one to level 20.5 then it would be cp 666 I also have 2 same IV dittos, and I have only caught like 10 of them

The only two wild Gyarados Ive found in the wild were 42 and 43CP, quite weird

Hihi, I have several with 10 CP, all of them have the same…

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also i had a hariyama and a dragonite with cp 2272

My 2 best fire attackers

These are my best fighters lmao

Or this:

The Grass starters from gen 1 & 2