Sprint Makes Pokemon Go More Fun! :)

Sprint has make playing Pokemon Go easier and a more “free” game to play.
Thanks to being a sponsor for Pokemon Go, they can provide Pokemon Go related tasks.
Their reward system, for example, provides a point system to earn free gift cards by watching little ad videos and simply clicking on links. It is very helpful and clearly not a scam! I have gotten three $!0 iTunes gift cards so far!
This site can help provide the money to aid in making this game better, such as buying everyday shop items in Pokemon Go, such as incubators and upgrades; upgrades needed eventually in order to play the game to its full potential.

Not only that, but Sprint also provides a special Promotion code, if you inform the Sprint Employee that you have an account with their reward system. The code will be sent to the email the account is attached to and you will receive at least one Lucky Egg, one Incense, and a few Great balls.You also earn 200 points on your Sprint rewards account f!or asking for the code.
Unfortunately, there are a few downfalls to the Promotion code.
First, you must have an Android device, since iOS does not have the Promotion code in the shop because of the difficulties between Niantic and Apple needing 3% of the profits from the iTunes store.
However, if you have an Android device, such as a tablet, you can download Pokemon Go onto it, log out of your iOS device and onto the Android Tablet, and redeem the code. Simple as that! That is how I do it since I have an iPhone currently, like most people out there.
The other downfall is that not all Sprint Employees are informed about the code or even know about it. You would not be able to get it that way, either or.
Rewards site, however, guarantees you gift cards you can earn, though it may take you awhile to save up the points and the gift card you are looking for may be out of stock at the moment.
I wish you all luck in your Pokemon Go adventure. Play on! :smile:

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I don’t have sprint, but T-Mobile also has some Pokémon GO related promotions. When the game first started, I got 6 months of unlimited data for pokemon GO for free! Sprint is the best companion of Pokémon GO, though.

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cool! Unfortunately, Sprint isn’t that great of a Provider, I’ve heard. My friend couldn’t get service when there was a Larvitar near my house.