Spoofing and its cons

Yo! I’m a newbie here, and I wanna get straight to the point.

Disclamer: I’m 101% legit. Period.

I tried spoofing and botting for a month, July 2016-August, and to be honest, it wasn’t that fun. Being called a cheater by friends and acquaintances, lazing round the house(was summer -_-) just wasn’t right. Sure I got to level 40, completed the pokedex and had well over 30 pokemon above 3k, all within a month, but it just doesn’t have the satisfaction of doing something the hard way. I requested a ban, and now I am a happy player, level 40 with 3 Articunos and 4 moltresses and 2 lugias, completed my national dex(except mr. mime). All I can say is, when you do something in life, don’t look for a shortcut. The satisfaction won’t be there.

What are your encounters/experiences bout spoofing??


That’s a great testimony, there! And yes, you are absolutely right, nothing is more satisfying than actually putting in the hard work to earn your level and Pokémon. 37 is pretty impressive, too! Keep up the good work.

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@Elderscroller thanks man! Post must be 30 letter long so I am just extending this reply hahah :joy:

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My personal spoofing experiences are quite short, but I will share them anyway.
Back in January I badly injured the Achilles’ tendon. If you don’t know what happens, you cannot walk for weeks and even now I still limp a little.
Anyway, while in recovery after the surgery I used a spoofing app so I could play the game. It was fun (I live in a rural area) to play in areas like Santa Monica and to complete my pokedex but it quickly became boring to have everything at my fingertips.
After 3 weeks, I decided I could move enough to play the game properly again. For me, it was worth the experience and to see what it was like to have 20 lures around. Still wouldn’t recommend it to anyone unless you are seriously, seriously injured or ill.


I’m guessing you’re still spoofing. Once a spoofer, always a spoofer.

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If I was still spoofing, would I be in Germany for the Safari Zone Event?

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Don’t judge without any basis lol. Just a friendly reminder

Many people share a never during hatred for spoofers. I still have grudges from the old gym systems that remain. I certainly don’t love these guys.

But let me make the point: The OLD gym system. This new system gives turn over a better reward then stalmating and collecting max is about 6,530x easier then before. So…the whole malicious spoof practice is flat out unneeded. And if your stuff gets knocked, it hurts…about that same multiplier amount less.


Is that like the one Goat thing?

Though the thing is about spoofing, For some people its good, as long as they dont abuse it. for example if you are paralized. Though when they jsut go and destroy every gym that is bad.

These are extremely rare cases, in most cases somebody just goes for regionals and decides to keep spoofing