Spoofers At GoFest

Unluckily, I was not able to get tickets go GoFest. But, how will they stop people like FsuAtl from teleporting there (he said he would try on his live stream)?

Apparently the wristband also needs an activation code which is supplied at the venue on the day & only in person. Perhaps this will work like the Promo codes & only once entered will it “unlock” the moms available at GoFest.
And it will be pretty easy for Niantic to ban FSU if he’s caught streaming the spoofing app on the day.

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iPhones still don’t have the ability to use promo codes

And niantic doesn’t care about FSUATL, that loser has been blatantly spoofing forever and they don’t do anything. Funny thing is he says he does it because he doesn’t get anything where he lives, but this clown lives in the same area I do and I’m level 35 and only missing regionals, legendaries and the mareep line, so his excuse is bs…if he would leave his mom’s house he could play the game the way it should be played. He is just further evidence that niantic really doesn’t care all tha much about spoofers

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In the 0.69.0 update, Niantic are adding/have added QR code functionality into the game. Will this be how you get all these raids?

my guess is it is a work around for IOS users to get promo stuff and might work for raids too

Actually fsuatl said he got an invitation for gofest by niantic.

If he did mention this ( I don’t watch all his uploads) that is interesting. Does this mean Niantic are tolerating the people that they are so intent on removing from the game? It would be weird if he was actually sent an official invitation.

I follow him on twitter tbh.
Well, maybe they wanna turn him to the good side and show him how it’s meant to be played, or they wanted to do something like you might know from movies where you sit a little over a pool and the others need to hit a small button with a (poke)ball so he falls inside that pool.

And I have to say that people like Fsuatl are extremly helpful! He shows publicly which ways cheaters have to take. That’s great for Niantic imo.

His videos do express a viewpoint which isn’t normally heard, which is why I watch some of his videos. To get a different opinion. I think that Niantic didn’t want him to publicly ‘gatecrash’ GoFest by streaming himself spoofing there. It would make sense on Niantic’s part to do that. Maybe they just want to branch out into the community. No-one really knows at this point.

Well Niantic gonna livestream the event on twitch. Other youtubers might as well join the livestream, but they aren’t allowed to livestream there on their own afaik. But they can record footage for videos.

And what will fsuatl see if he spoofs at the event location. He is not participating because he has no code. He shouldn’t see anything from the action there.

I sometimes too watch some of his videos but they aren’t as informative or fun to watch for me like others. He’s often complaining about Niantic, or giving info that is provided by Niantic themselve.

This is assuming there are codes. At the moment, no-one really has a clue what is planned. Niantic want to release on their own terms, and that’s ok. Whether they can ever stop people from bending/breaking the rules is something completely different.

There are unique codes on every card/band and with the latest update there’s a QR function as well.

Hey did you see Fsuatl’s latest video? He let’s a friend check-in with a lvl 40 account so he can log-in afterwards. Im curious if he gets a softban after letting this account travel that distant, but that’s the way he’s gonna take. I’m excited to see how that plays out.

That would be interesting, and might…might work. A lot of things are chance and will be worked out on the day.

Turns out spoofers can get in as all the codes are the same.

Nah he got banned lol