Spoofers and multiple accounts

when will niantic finally take care of these multiple accounts and spoofing things ive been harrassed on facebook from this spoofer and i cant do anything about since hes spoofing


People are getting banned for spoofing so they do take care of it.
There are still ways to spoof without getting banned so agree with you that they should take care of more of them.

Make screenshots, collect data. Make an email, no name calling(otherwise it might end in the trash), to Niantic.

It might help.

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i have sent reports with proof of spoofing 30 + time with no bans

so i would not put to much hope in niantic doing anything

They dont really review them unless tons of players report a single cheater from my experience
Also, what the frick was it with the warning I got two days back for doing nothing?

the new tos lets them check your device for iv checkers

people have been shadowbanned in my community for having them

Wich ones? Got no warning for CalcyIV (wich really shouldnt trigger a warning anyways).

You should maybe ask Niantic about that. If you got 1 now and you wont change anything, its likely youll get a 2nd and 3rd (being a ban).

i have no idea which one they were using

Calcy and Genie should be safe, online calculators (not the login ones) should be perfectly safe

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Niantic does not like any software that modifies GPS or directly gathers data from the game.

@sunsfan1421 Niantic has taken steps on multiple occasions. Your best bet is to report the spoofer and include screenshots of the harassment.

So Genie could get you a suspension or a ban? :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

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No, it does not pull date from the game, it is fine.


i have been reporting this one guy for harrassment i even told niantic that i had the cops involved for the stalking part and still nothing

Niantic seems to not care about the player reports

Locally we have had good luck on the occasions when we have reported them.

I have 3, one unused account, 1 main and it is a trainer account, and I am not 13 yet, and one google so I can actually become friends with some people.
Main = PikachuLogan025
Google = DarkIceDragon5

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