Spinda's more common?

That kind of ruins the point in my opinion… What are your opinions?


Yes and no…
August’s form (I think it was number 8) was extremely rare. I wasn’t able to find the quest before the very last day of August. This was a bit too rare in my opinion. But I’m playing what I call semi-urban (small town, but we are lucky enough to have approx. 30 stops and about 15-20 gyms), so this might not be representative…

The next form (number 3) was very common and after 3 or 4 I even found myself deleting the quests. I could have gotten 20+ Spindas if I wanted. This was just way too common.

It’s probably a bit too early to judge this month’s Spinda quest, but until now I only found it once, and I’m OK with that, maybe they found a good rate for it now.


it ruins what point exactly? Do you think they are too easy to get?
If so, i think a 1-month window for a pokemon you can only get via a quest is more then fine., it keeps them special


Haven’t found it yet


I’ve gotten two in a 2 day period. So it definitely feels more common then form 8


So far to me, form 3 and 1 are more common than the first form 8

I think in the first week there are more stops with quest on them then it thins out.
I haven’t even gone looking for the Quests and I’ve picked up 2 randoms on the Go Plus.
Both crappy IV.

Yeah, I have so many of 3, and still don’t have 8. I can’t even tell the difference, so… 1 is also now out, I think I got it already, not sure yet.

Look in the Pokédex. I’m sure you’ll spot the difference (unless you haven’t gotten form 1 yet…)

I got 2 of them 1 and 3.

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Can you still get the previous ones

No only by trade

It will be counted as once per day special trade

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