Spinda Hunters! How many do you have?


How many Spinda do you have???

75 here…,

I got my Spider and Drunk Bear mixed up :roll_eyes:

Seen 74 / Caught 73
Only holding 1 of each number/type. I’ve got 8 different ones.


Seen 73 / Caught 64

177/177. Caught all varieties too.

Seen 71: Caught 71
At least one of each, also got one research to claim if we get no.4 on 1st May.
And one hundo…

Anyone know what form is out? Can’t find anything about it.

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In the absence of any other information I’m waiting till after 1pm San Francisco time and until it’s after midnight UK time to claim my research…
… if anyone hears anything sooner it would be great to know…

It should still be Spinda #2, this evening there should be a new forme of Spinda.

That is the only info I found, but no mention of a number. It could be any of the remaining.

It is number 4:

Link to Reddit

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I have 20 Spinda. I have found every Spinda except number 2.

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Double gins all round… Spinda’s drunk again!
(And I don’t have to worry about throwing 5 great curveballs in a row again for a couple of months :sweat_smile:)

More screengrabs in the older Spinda thread).

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Whats the task this time around?

Same. 5 Great Curves in a row.

Hmm how original…:man_facepalming:

Congrats! But when was the last time we could actually FIND a Spinda?

As far back as I can recall, we’ve had to land 5 great curve balls in a row. I can’t clearly recall how we got Spindas before that, but when that started was about the last time I got a new Spinda.

It’s not often that I can land 5 great curveballs in a row when I notice it. If Niantic changed that task text to say just “Streak broken” instead of “Make 5 great curve ball throws in a row” I’d probably laugh my tail off, because I lose count of the number of times I see the former while pursuing the latter.

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New Spinda tasks got more rare to find and harder to finish. I barely found the last 2 tasks.

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178 caught and seen, and I have all 9 currently released varieties. I even have one hundo.