Spin 3 pokestops you've never been to before research

Exactly as the title says. Has anyone managed to do that one? And if so what is the wild pokemon encounter you get?

Don’t think I got a Pokemon encounter, rather 400 stardust, though I can’t find it in my journal.
I thought it meant ones you’d never spun, but it’s just ones you haven’t spun that day?

Yes I did, I got a stupid ponyta

Oh yes! I got a ponyta!

No, its stops you have never spun (those with the small ring around them)

Just completed 2 at once and got two Ponyta :sweat_smile:

No, I’ve spun those stops 100s of times before. Was it reset when quests started or something?

Good Quest for me when I go to Germany end of the month

It wasn’t reset

No, you still need to spin those youve never spun before
Otherwise, a stop Ive spun like two months back wouldnt have the ring and would count towards the total

I see tons of stops I’ve never spun before because I’m driving. I guess I would just pull over to complete that.

I had to drive a long way to another suburb I dont normally play in to find ones I could reach from the car. No way was I wandering into some of the parks near home at 11pm when I got to this quest.
Gave me a good opportunity to check out a Gym that regularly gets Ex Passes 15mins from work in the opposite direction to home. It had a large amount of stops around the sports precinct and is a great ball run loop. Even had a regular Magikarp spawn on the oval at the time. I’ll go back to this spot after work or on a weekend.

I think i got an Onix from it. Bad IV’s

Got this quest twice already… Manged to do it only because we are getting lots of new stops recently. I don’t like seeing stops with a halo around me, so I go after them anyway… :grin:
Both times I got a Ponyta…

There seems to be a lot of Ponyta encounters, which is crazy because I, too, have done it twice and both encounters were ponyta.