Speculation - What does "Let's GO!" mean for the future of Pokemon Go?

I just wanted to bring up a topic about this article. From Trainer Tips latest video, he says that Pokemon cannot be transferred from “Let’s Go” to “Pokemon Go”. Can anyone confirm this?

I know the article is only a speculation, but I don’t want people to get their hopes up that they can get regionals this way. Or even worse, transfer a Pokemon from PoGo, and then never be able to get it back!

They’re essentially creating a divide between rich and poor now. One of the great things that made PO:GO stand out was the fact that anyone could play it and enjoy it for free(provided they had a new enough smartphone) and still be on the same level as most other players. (Sure, some players may spend more on coins than others, but it’s not like those who spend a lot of money get anything exclusive). Now, with these new titles, those who can afford a switch will have access to the “Special Pokémon” that no one else will get in PO:GO unless you pay for the switch. I think this is incredibly unfair to those players who don’t have the means to purchase such an expensive piece of hardware, just to get an exclusive(Possibly gen 8) pokemon in GO. Personally, I don’t like the direction that the Pokémon Company is going with Pokémon: GO, and I think that GO should have just stayed separate from other Pokémon games. (And I DO have a switch, so I’m not just saying this because I’m salty about not having it)

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Then I guess you view regionals as unfair, because it costs more to travel to all the different places to get the regionals than it does to get a switch. Personally I don’t think it’s a big deal and I like the concept of intergrating PoGo with Let’s Go

However, I believe that all of the regionals will eventually migrate, similar to how Farfetched appeared all over the world during the 48-hour catch window event. Paying to travel will simply let you get those regionals sooner than everyone else. And even at that, travelling to get the regionals is actually something you do in the real world, which is what Pokémon GO was made for: Real adventures, not just transferring something over from a virtual world in one of Ninendo’s other expensive consoles.

True, people do travel in real life. But if your argument against the Switch is that it’s expensive, so is traveling. Personally I hope they don’t all migrate over, however I do like how they did the 48 hr for Farfetched, It be cool to do that for every other generation. Other then that I understand your frustration in transferring the special Pokémon from Let’s Go to PoGo.