Speculation - Conceptual Charity Event: Bug catching contest & Butterfly, moth & bee Conservation

Cool idea. It’s up to Niantic if they want to actually do it, though.

Exactly, we are a very good fountain of ideas, others have to take them and convert them in reality.

And something strange in this world: we give our ideas without thinking to receive something, apart of seeing them realized.

I like the idea. As mentioned, the bugs aren’t meta relevant, so using their event as a chance to raise awareness (and perhaps actual money) for this cause would be a great move by niantic.

I don’t want to preach on this forum, but this actually is a serious issue. I have had a number of wild flowers that attract bees planted in my yard and the decline in bees is very noticeable over the past decade. There used to be quite a few and now I’m lucky if I see any. They have been decimated by pesticides and other intrusions.