Speculation - Blast Burn Charizard: Will It Be Good?

Charmander will be the next Community Day Pokemon, but the exclusive move is not known. It will most likely be Blast Burn, the signature move of all fully evolved Fire-type starters. This article will analyze if Blast Burn will make Charizard more meta relevant, or will be a collector’s trophy.

A Tier 2 Exeggutor raid boss will be used to compare a Fire Spin/Overheat Charizard, a Fire Spin/Blast Burn Charizard and a Fire Spin/Overheat Moltres, all of 100% IVs and no weather boost. Blast Burn will be assumed to be a Fire-type Frenzy Plant.

How the simulation will work

The boss will not attack, and the attackers will use their fast attacks until their energy bars are full, and then they will use their charged attacks, which is a cycle of moves. The time it will take to defeat the boss will be calculated by 1800/damage per cycle*time per cycle.

Moves and Statistics

  • Blast Burn on Charizard does 116 damage, uses 50 energy, and lasts 2.6 seconds
  • Fire Spin on Charizard does 17 damage, generates 10 energy, and lasts 1.1 seconds
  • Fire Spin on Moltres does 19 damage, generates 10 energy, and lasts 1.1 seconds
  • Overheat on Charizard does 185 damage, uses 100 energy, and lasts 4 seconds
  • Overheat on Moltres does 207 damage, uses 100 energy, and lasts 4 seconds

A full cycle of moves for FS/OH Charizard will deal 355 damage in 15 seconds.
A full cycle of moves for FS/BB Charizard will deal 402 damage in 16.2 seconds.
A full cycle of moves for Moltres will deal 397 damage in 15 seconds.

The results

Third place is given to FS/OH Charizard, who beat the boss in 76.06 seconds. Second place is FS/BB Charizard, beating the boss in 72.54 seconds. The winner is Moltres, beating the boss in 68.01 seconds.


Blast Burn Charizard will not be an improvement to the Fire-type Pokemon in the game. However, it will be an improvement to Charizard and could be a replacement Moltres if you don't have a good IV one.

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Amazing choice for a level 30/35 Charmander you might get during the day, and an excellent choice if you dont have a good Moltres

Will it outclass flareon? How about Entei?

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