Species changes other than ditto?

I caught a Natu the other night; but when I hit the first ‘OK’ afterwards, instead of seeing a Natu stats popup screen, I saw a Wailmer!

I wasn’t upset, since I’m still chasing Wailmer candies in pursuit of a good Wailord. As the days have passed, though, I find myself more perplexed by it. If something like it happens again, I might consider filing a bug report. I’m just curious whether anybody else noticed anything like that.

Must of been Missingno but it didnt wanna reveal it’s self.

The spawn must have changed while you were catching the Pokémon, it’s happened to me a few times

Something similar happend to me too, but with a quest reward. It started to load into Houndour, I looked away for one second, and when I looked again it was a Voltorb :joy:

IT happened to me 3 times