Special research snapshot of Loudred

Anyone reached this task yet or completed it? I have taken lots of photos of Loudred but it will not mark the task as done. Steps I have done.

  1. Search for Loudred in pokemon.
  2. Click the camera icon and take the photo.

The photo is in my galery on my phone so I know it is there but the task is still there. Am I doing something wrong? Tried on phone Galaxy s7 Android and also on my ipad.


You did it correctly, so I’m not sure why it doesn’t work… :thinking:

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have you tried switching between ar and ar+ modes?

Oh I think I know

When you make the pictures, and you return to see the pics in game, you have to see at least one. Had a special Pikachu disappear for me that way

What do you mean to see the pics in game please

Well, exactly that. Not sure how to describe in any other way at the moment lol

The photo shows clicl the return button top left it goes, dont understand it at all

Disable ALL the things you have on your phone (fakegps, fakethrow and anything else that it¬īs not from Niantic), before login.
Take the picture of Loudred. press the out button on the upper left corner, swipe right, until you see a bunch of pictures and a phrase like Good Eye!. Press the X button on the center below.
Then select the special quest and complete.

I dont see a good eye there are nonphrases

Thanks for the suggestion tried that with the bunch of photos tried 3 different phrases but the task is still there and wont complete. Even uninstalled and reinstalled think I will give up on must be abug