Spawn rate terrible

Been a bit since I played because I was waiting to see if they would fix spawn rates in rural areas but they have not still nothing can be found not even one little pokemon unless I am near some shopping/gas station area but if I am just doing a daily walk or bike ride thru my neighborhood it is barely anything to capture and that is ashame can’t even get one low lvl mob to spawn. I am not one to sit also at a church parking lot to collect pokemon and that seems to be the only other area that has a good amount of pokemon. Why can’t they fix spawn rates is it based on how many people are catching them in a area causes them to spawn more and that is where it is a bad disadvantage for rural players over people closer to a city location make the game balanced for everyone.

Never could understand you have one specific pokemon spawn in another continent like Japan that you are able to capture only one type of pokemon that logic makes no sense. If the game was originally focused towards children how would you expect them to be able to collect those pokemon. Things like incense will be wasted in an area that spawns no pokemon because you get maybe 1 pokemon every 10min and it only lasts for 30min most of the time they are also low lvl pokemon like pidgey or rattata why would I want to waste my incense on that.

Alright let me stop raging over this game just thought by now they would really have fixed this one important part of the game makes it unjoyable when you have nothing to catch.

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They have tried to find solution… and not. They have accepted new points of interest, using their other game “Ingress”, but really it doesn’t give a solution.
With the new AR+, using Iphone, you can find things in the “Grass areas”, but it’s not the same as in a city.
I understand you are angry, but more than this details I can’t call… Niantic not moves, and we have to live with what we have…

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