Spawn rate for Larvitar in a rural area on community day?

Hello everyopne,

Apologies if this has been covered somewhere else but i have searched the internet and can’t find out what i need to.

I’m off to Flamborough on the cummunity day with the family and need to know how frequent Larvitar will pop up during cumminty hours? Its definitely what people would describe as a small quiet village and only has 2 pokestops, does this mean the spawn rate will be really low?

I definitely want to smash a good volume of Larvitar, so if i get a heads up i could get more lures etc and plan ahead, but i don’t want to be screwed in a tiny village on my own with nothing about.

Thanks for any advice

Nobody knows, Charmander seemed to have like 1/10 spwanrate, others more like 1/3

Best be amazing spawn rates, I dont see many larvitars anymore. Just did Tyranitar raids for candy.

Hope i see alot alot. Alot more than charmander :sob:

Lure and incense all time will not be too Low I live in a large village with 2 pokes top and 1 gym and there are quite a lot but I spend most time in town with loads of both and loads of players

It depends how many spawns there are in this town. If there aren’t many, you probably won’t see many. If there are a lot then you will see a lot. If it’s Flamborough, England we’re talking about then Bridlington would be better.