Spammers on the forums

Disclaimer: this kind of is a joke post. On the other hand, it is not.

Hi! My name is R. Onald and I work for donMacalds, and get your 50% off our bamhurgers by using this link..


Okay now a bit more serious, we get a few of these kinds of unauthorised advertisements from spam bots on the forums. Had to delete a user who just created their account 10 minutes ago, and had their profile info written in 30 seconds and a new topic about what they promote. If one is troubled by any of those advertising spam bots, please notify us by using the flag. (I definitely remember at least one account getting past the system.)
so, then again, I'll jokingly mock those. click for text

Hello! I am a moderator on the GOHUB forums! By creating a new account, followed by spamming advertisements on the forums, we terminate your account for free! (what is considered an ad does vary a little bit if your trust level is higher though. For example a video you made on youtube about how you defeated a raid boss probably isn’t considered against our policy, but then again your trust level is high enough and your general content isn’t an ad.)

Don’t worry @Arem1771 , we like your video’s :wink:


For me they’re not even worth an answer (they’re not able to understand your humour).

But, in any case well done.

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I wonder who actually clicked that link lol

What is a GO Hub forum? This is Printer Advertisement Page!

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