South carolina, gaston gym

Stained Glass Ascension gym at Piney Grove AME Church on glenn road off of fish hatchery rd… has one raid that goes on from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Hello @saske67 , raids happen all day until 7pm in the USA. So if you stay at an area with 2 or more gyms in sight, in a few hours you will be good. If you drive, more luck, of course, but as long as you stay at the gym all day you will of course be good. Also, even if it is an legendary, a 4 star, or a 3 star you can’t beat, as long as you join the raid lobby it will count.

I am aware of up to 7 p.m. for the raids, I don’t own a car and I never will in my lifetime, the other issue I have I cannot stay at that gym all day long waiting for an egg to hatch with out the Neighbors on that street harassing anyone that goes up to that poke stop and the gym there, I am currently trying to get myself up to level 16 on that stupid retarded Ingress game that makes no sense whatsoever how to play to add another pokestop to the church on Gator Road so I would have a safe place to enjoy the pokestop and the gym that I can walk to. I will say this again anyone is welcome to help me figure out times the gym eggs hatch so I can get myself over there to do my quest so I can get off that damn drug infested Glenn Road. T-T

:joy: Put your general location in “Players in Your Area”

Level 12 allows you to request and add stops :grin:

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What I’ve been hearing on the net they pushed it to level 16 and Ingress is a very hard game to play when the game itself don’t make no sense how to play.

Yep it is very hard. I wouldnt waste my time on it, as Pokemon Go will get POI in the future.

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You migth want to try this trick of how to see raids at a certain gym remotely. It requires you to have a Pokémon in that gym, but that’s probably as good as it gets for now and without help of others.


did not know that.

You are welcome then.

Currently the requirement is lvl 10
I haven’t seen myself any info about the lvl being increased.

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Thanks to kre replying on how to remotely check gyms for raid battles I got past the first Quest by leaving my Tyranitar in the gym overnight I had to wait till 12 p.m. to battle that raid.

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glad I could help :smile:

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