Sooooo......Mega evolves just got announced for PoGo

Mega evolves for 2020!
(Personal guess: Go Fest challenge reward)

Let’s discus! Thoughts, hopes etc…

(also, Victini announced and a new Pokemon Snap are announced)

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I don’t know Pokémon Lore so have no idea how it affects how I’m going to play.

I absolutely cant wait, let’s hope they wont make them work like different Pokémon forms (like Deoxys did) with raids

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How do you all think this will play out in the game

I’m terrified that will happen, because I have MANY hundo Pokemon that will benefit GREATLY from Mega Evolutions and Primal Reversions.


I just have gengar, gardevoir, sceptile, 2 venusaur, banette, 2 gyarados and altaria lol

Something Mystsic7 opted: maybe we get them via raids? or even EX raids?

Or maybe it’s just an item that you can use?

I like the idea of having EX raids giving Mega evolved pokemon but that is lore-wise not correct as Mega volving is temporary.

I guess we’ll know pretty soon but it’s fun to think about it already :wink:

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I, for one, hate the idea of raids being the only way to get megas - what about those that we already have?

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i think there is a very small chance it will be via (EX) raids, but i do like it. Chances of it just being an item like the evolution stones is more likely.

There is a gap between newer and older players. I am playing since the start, i have good IV pokemon of everything there is. So i’ll be fine either way. But new players don’t have all those pokemon.
And although i hate catering to the casuals/new players, mega evolves via raids could solve that.

Other theories are that it will be linked to best friend buddies, or it might even be related to a possible level cap increase.
And eventhough i’m completely done with pvp for the moment, i wonder what mega evolves will do for pvp.

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I think that fighting them in Raids would be fun and challenging. Maybe once we beat it, we can catch it’s “non-evolved forme” and get a Mega Stone as a Raid reward. I’d be down for that. Not being able to Mega Evolve our current Pokemon would suck the worst.

Does anyone know what stat spreads all the Mega Evolution capable Pokemon would get based on their core game statistics? I’m really curious about that.

EDIT: Ah, here’s one!


Medicham and mawile will be underwhelming because there aren’t any abilities. The very thing that made them scary in game is their huge power/pure power ability

Judging by the link, Medicham might still be a danger in Ultra League, but honestly, with Lucario already fulfilling that role without a Mega Evolution, it does seem redundant.

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People are saying they will just spawn in the wild, but that’s looking a bit strange.
Hopefully it’s an item + candy to evolve and attainable in raids.

Anything but them being exclusive to raids.

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I seriously doubt that they will be found in the wild, as in the case of Mega Evolution, a bond with the Trainer as well as a Mega Stone is required for Mega Evolution. Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre seem to be the only exceptions, but they still require an item.


This is why my biggest guess atm is the buddy system. best friends with a pokemon? Thén you can mega evolve and only the one you currently have active. Kinda like the small cp boost system works now.


But that would remove the “mega evolve the one that fits the situation the best” mechanic


so with mega charizard x spottedin the new loading screen, how long could we be waiting to get mega evolutions?

I still expect a few months at least, probably around the same time Gen 6 launches.

I understand WHY people think they could eventually spawn in the wild… The trailer just somehow made it look like that (at least a bit). But it’s hard to believe. Maybe we can collect those Mega Stones in the wild and they are consumed when used…

And considering we had Deerling and Sawsbuck on the winter loading screen and stil didn’t get them… it can still be months until the release of the megas…:sob: