Some people can be heartless

Ok, so my new gym strategy for coins has been centred around finding largely untouched gyms where the Pokémon have been there for 24h+ and battling them down. So I was just fighting this one Valour gym, and the only Pokémon left were a jiglypuff and a whimsur. Should’ve been remarkably easy right? Wrong. Someone used 20+ golden Razzberries to keep those mons in that gym, then when I stop battling to feed my other gym defenders they chuck a 3100 Blissey in the gym. The part that hurt the most was their username, which was “Ybemad”.

Hmmmm. Unfortunately this is part of the game…
I’ve been on both the receiving end & the berrying end of that scenario & you just need to soak it up & either move on or keep battling.
Coins, Golden Razz & Revives however are a semi-finite resource so it depends on what you prefer to have.

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Can just be so annoying when you’re tearing down gyms and then that happens. I get what you’re saying, but it still feels horrible.

Agreed fam - I don’t like it but have a stockpile of revives, max revives & max potions so normally win because people like to save golden razzberries :joy:

They need the same problem as I have: I can’t place Pokémon for five mins when somebody has battled at the gym and didn’t kick all out of it. So irritating!

Niantic needs to fix the issue because the new gym update is kinda at it’s Beta stage (in my personal opinion). Hopefully Niantic fixes the issues ASAP. Stay safe!

I just battle until the gym goes down.

Lowkey was me.


But yes they really wanted their gym. Respects to both sides for the battles.