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Some additions to the game maybe?

I’ve been an active player since the games release over the years of playing i have had a couple of thoughts for possible additions to the game

  1. Can we get poke centers?

-this would be highly beneficial for gameplay. Disperse them out just like the gyms or the poke stops. At these location you can heal 6 Pokémon every hour or more and you can use coins if more healing is needed…

  1. Team Aqua/Lava?

In addition to team rocket maybe there can be a way to implement aqua and lava as another way to have more battles and gain more experience and rescue more Pokémon

  1. In game chats ?

To give us the ability to have more time to invite groups to raids


Mmmmh, yes and no.

  1. Why not, would be a movement to make the game nearer to the original game. On the other hand, I’m throwing away continouisly healings because they need too much space in my bag.
  2. Nooo, I hate Team Rocket, and please dont add more of this in the game.
  3. Yes, really would be nice to contact ingame to friends or raid-partners. Especialy if you have seen them only once, but you would like to get a closer contact.

O come on lol I like the idea of adding team aqua and lava to the mix give us something other then team rocket for a change I wasn’t suggesting to make them appear more just give us something a little newer

Maybe aqua and lava could even be just a little trickier and a chance at better Pokémon to save?

As I recall (they still sucked) but put up more of a fight then team rocket. Lol


Yeah, I agree… variety is the spice of life!

Maybe Aqua could arrive in submarines and Lava on floating balls of flaming rock!

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As long as I’m not forced to battle these Team Lava and Team Aqua. I think the other two ideas are great though.

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Assuming you mean team magma…

Seems cool

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I did mean magma lol :sweat_smile: it’s been awhile and I was always for team aqua myself so I paid more attention to them lol

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The point would be to battle them but no I say they could implement them just like team rocket where you can choose to run

Don’t know how many time it was waiting to be accept, but I deleted a message and blocked the sender.

Maybe, team aqua and magma can be implemented in the game in the same way as it was in ultra sun and moon: with team rainbow rocket