Solrock in Europe


I’m European and I have one : /

I’m in Malaysia and I’ve got only one too. It’s quite rare in my area :sweat_smile:

Solrock & Lunatone have switched their locations. In Europe, you can’t catch Lunatone anymore.

Yes that is correct - solrock and lunatone have switched. Although with the rarity of these some of my friends missed them

Do we know if they’re going to swap back at all? I didn’t get a lunatone before it left Europe

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Yes Lunatone and Solrock seem very rare and I do hope they just make them worldwide to be honest.


Or night and day, like they are supposed to be.

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i have a solo rock and a lunatone why they exist in different parts of the planet why can not they be together i do not really understand this decision because they are night and day pokemon not part of the planet not one and part of the planet two pokemon why niantic why do you do this insanity?


Seen 2(Day and Night) and caught 1 (Daytime).

Same here. Just started playing, 3 days before the swap.:persevere: