So the more I get into the community the more and more I see people with an unbelievable amount of shiny Pokémon. I’ve been playing since release and I’ve gotten 2 shiny event pokes (a Pikachu and Larvitar) and 1 meditate. So pretty much just one lol. I’m not salty about it, I super love my few and onlys…but how? How do people get SO MANY? Guess I’m
Not as hard core as I thought I was haha!

Ps: I catch 99% of everything :joy:


Only try hards here.

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No need to catch them all - for shiny hunting it’s quantity that matters. Tap and run everything that could be shiny and only catch selected mons to save time. (This won’t help you with gaining stardust, but you just need to find a balance)
Also focus on raids with potential shinies, because shiny rates in raids are higher than in the wild.
Also grind hard on Community Days.
At least that’s what I do, I’m not very lucky with shinies, but I managed to get 58 shinies so far.

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Community Day is the best day @Steve.

I get many shinies, just go to a really good place with lots of stops and lures.

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